True Stories of Replacing Legacy Contact Center Solutions

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Organizations across all industries around the world are facing the reality that it has never been more important and more challenging to meet customer expectations. The contact center should no longer be considered a profit-draining cost center. Rather, it’s ground zero for where the commitment to the customer is continuously tested and proven. When every interaction matters, risking service quality could be a very costly decision.

For three industry leaders, the writing was on the wall. Challenges caused by outdated, legacy contact center solutions were impacting their ability to provide the service required to stay competitive. Considering what the future held if they continued to struggle with disconnected communication channels, routing difficulties, and reliability issues, they each came to the conclusion that deploying a single, integrated customer experience platform was the right choice.

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Vikas Kumar

Vikas Kumar

Vikas Kumar is Principal Strategic Solutions Consultant for Asia-Pacific region for Genesys.