PureCloud Screen Share Improves Customer Service

a female business woman or call centre handler sits at her computer and chats on her headset device , as she types on the keyboard . She is smiling as she talks in a friendly manner.

A true sign that a tool is making a difference is when the contact center specialist begins an interaction with a caller saying things like:

“This stuff just doesn’t work.”

“It can’t be this difficult.”

“I can’t tell you how frustrated I am.”

But then by the end, the caller’s frustration transitions to emphatic relief and gratitude, and you’ll hear sentiments like:

“That really makes sense!”

“You saved me a lot.”

“You’re my hero!”

I recently witnessed this exact scenario playing out while monitoring a contact center specialist assisting a caller while using the PureCloud Screen Share tool that our customer, a large consumer software company, had embedded in their product.  Once the screen share was enacted the specialist could easily see what the caller saw and the explanations became clearer, greatly reducing their frustration.

A consistent goal across contact centers is to improve the customer experience.  The following are keys our customer used to begin to do that:

  • The demographic of the caller.
  • The technical knowledge of the caller.
  • The patience and general attitude of the caller.

By understanding these three aspects of their callers, our customer was able to deploy a solution that improved the caller’s experience by just being easier to do business with and answering their question faster.  The caller doesn’t care about the “coolness” of the solution or that it is leading edge.  He also doesn’t care that the specialist is nice or patient, which they were.  What the caller cares about is—just getting the answer and not wasting a lot of time while doing it.

The added benefit and another consistent goal across contact centers is reducing costs.  When a contact center can provide the customer the answer in a shorter amount of time, they are reducing the handle time, or time spent on an interaction with a customer.  Reducing handle time equates to reduced costs.  This customer has seen an average of a two minute reduction in handle time on calls by using screen share.  That can quickly add up when you look at the contact centers cost per agent per hour.  By leveraging screen share, this customer has improved their business model.

And coming soon is screen share with chat—another avenue to provide better customer experience through PureCloud.

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Pamela Jo Hynes

Pamela Jo Hynes

Pamela Jo Hynes is a recognized leader in customer engagement backed by nearly thirty years of experience in customer enablement, product implementation and support, and customer account management. During her career, Hynes has consistently driven success by always considering the customer’s perspective first. Her motto: “What would you want if you were the customer?” Currently as Vice President of Client Success at Indiana-based Interactive Intelligence, she is responsible for ensuring that customers receive exceptional value and return on investment from the company’s customer engagement, communications and collaboration software and cloud services. She leads a team focused on increasing the success of product deployments, managing ongoing customer engagement and education programs, and upholding the company’s commitment to providing world-class customer support and services. In 2013 Hynes was recognized by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) with an Impact Award for leading outstanding customer experience initiatives in her role at Interactive Intelligence. Previously, Hynes served in a variety of customer-facing roles for software development companies. She is on the board of directors for Connect2Help, an Indiana-based community resource that connects people to service providers.