Using Gmail for Unified Messaging

The last few weeks have been very busy so apologies for not posting. As of IC 3.0 SU11 (SU10 w/ SU10-ES_IC-79127) we added support for oAuth, which is the underlying technology that lets us integrate to Gmail. OAuth lets us access user data without us knowing what the user password is. There are basically two parts to it:

  1. Enable oAuth if it hasn’t been already enabled (Advanced Tools>Authentication>Manage OAuth Domain Key) in the Gmail setup console.

    We need to enable ‘consumer key’ and ‘two-legged oAuth control’.

  2. Enable SMTP and IMAP providers in Interaction Administrator.

Once we have Gmail configured, we can set up our SMTP and IMAP providers as follows:

  1. The consumer key and secret are the two pieces of information we need from our Gmail Setup Console for our authentication.

  2. Make sure that the ‘Use secure connections’ is enabled.

    That is all we have to do for SMTP, next we add the configuration for the IMAP server. Enable SSL checkbox here as well

    With the providers set up, all that remains to be done is configure your users with their mailboxes

    I will do a follow up post to go over some more details for those contemplating the move to Gmail. If you have moved to Gmail, please drop me a line and share your experiences so that we can all learn from it. Until then, have a good day :)


Anish Sharma

Anish Sharma

I joined Interactive Intelligence in July, 2011. Prior to that, I worked with an Elite partner for 11 years. Over the years, I worked with various products from Interactive Intelligence, including support, implementation and development. A self-confessed geek, I enjoy taking things apart and figuring how it works. One of my passions is photography and I have a personal photo blog.