Using Your Quality Monitoring Powers for Good

It’s not just about catching people being naughty. It’s also not only about having proof that can be used in a legal capacity. It doesn’t have to be all about punishment. It may take a little more effort but quality monitoring can also be used for positive reinforcement.

For years, and I mean years, I have heard speakers at conferences and read books talking about shifting to a rewarding mentality in contact centers.  Despite the prevalence of these resources, I still hear stories about punishing agents, training problems, and all of the negatives that are often involved in running a contact center. It doesn’t have to be that way but it’s not an easy shift.

The main idea is that we need to focus more on the positive things that our agents are doing, and that will help minimize the occurrences of the negatives.  Quality monitoring, in my opinion, is an easy place to start and can have a big impact. Here are some of the tactics that I recommend contact center managers start using:

  • Have your agents listen to the good calls you’ve recorded, not just the bad ones.
  • Use good examples from your existing agents in new hire training and refresher training sessions.
  • When you are coaching an agent for improvement, use their own calls, even if just in segment form.
  • Base some reward, whether it’s official bonus pay or a silly trophy they can place on their desks, on the good performance scores.

However you choose to incorporate quality monitoring into your positive reinforcement plan, make absolutely certain that your agents are well aware of the expectations.  Maybe play a recording of a “perfect” call as an example!


Thanks for reading!

~Shanti Lall

Shanti Lall

Shanti Lall

I came to Interactive Intelligence in 2010 as an operational trainer for the Education department. For about a decade before that, I worked in a contact center, where I started out as a line-level agent taking customer service calls. I worked my way up to team lead, supervisor, and finally, project manager. I was doing quality management with a circa 1982 tape deck in a spare office with a speaker phone and workforce management in an Excel spreadsheet with about 5 billion lines of formula. Eventually we upgraded and brought in Interactive Intelligence. When I’m not training people who can relate to my former life, I’m traveling with my family.