Virtual Reality and Customer Support?


VR? WTH? In the tradition of crazy innovative ideas that are a key part of Interactive Intelligence, at Interactions 2016 we unveiled a live (and slightly cheesy) preview of VR product support we’re excited about…


And the natural question is – how can we use this?

One: Early Adopter customers are ready

Don’t run off to another blog post yet – it’s just that we’re a bit early on this one since it requires some specialized equipment on the customer side. But it’s coming. Google Glass was a key step, and we’re going to see VR-compatible Android phones (high-rez display plus stereo front cameras) as standard equipment going forward. It won’t be long before VR is common, so you may want to start thinking seriously about it now.

Virtual Reality is not new, engineers and developers have been banging away at this since the 1990s (anybody remember Jaron Lanier?). VR is more like one of those 30-years-in-the-making overnight successes.

Your early customers are going to have two dominant behaviors – Either they will know how all this is supposed to work and already have experience with virtual reality games, websites and services… or they will be trying to figure this out. The first group is very easy to support, the second will need a bit of hand-holding.

Two: VR is great for Customer Service

You want your customer’s full attention? With VR you will have it! It’s a completely immersive experience – they are looking at a controlled view and listening to a controlled soundtrack – no distractions.

If you have a service-based business, or you want something special for your high-worth customers, or you want to give your expert high-level agents a tool that will let them really strut their stuff with a customer session, then virtual reality support can help.

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Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter

An industrial designer gone bad from years of UX architecture wrangling, Randy Carter is senior marketing content architect for Interactive Intelligence. He never stops thinking about how to help customers make their systems more understandable, more polite, and more useful.