VoiceCon 2009 — Orlando here we come.

If you have any relationship to the IP telephony, unified communications, or contact center industry (and don’t have some auto-detect feature to automatically throw physical direct mail pieces in the trash before you see them) you have most likely received your share of flyers announcing next week’s VoiceCon event in Orlando.
VoiceCon Orlando
Visit http://www.voicecon.com/ for registration information.
We’ll be there with our platinum sponsorship, our shoes shined and the best eleven minute demo you’ve ever seen.
Now admittedly, these guys really are good at putting together a great conference program (if I remember right, this all started as an educational conference and the tradeshow part grew out of that). I’m not much for the keynotes, because I think they tend to be the largest vendors (yes, the guys with the big money) getting command of the stage for 45 minutes to do an infomercial. However, as I went through the conference program, I saw several intriguing sessions that I thought you might want to check out:
  • Monday March 30, 1:30 pm — Comparing UC Options and Vendors. Who’s Offering What?
  • Tuesday March 31, 8:00 am — Contact Center Market Update and Executive Forum
  • Tuesday March 31, 2:30 pm — Presence: Dialtone of the Future?
  • Tuesday March 31, 4:00 pm — I’m a Nortel Customer: What Should I Do Now? (Nortel execs will be there to answer questions. Alternatively, check out this Ziff Davis archived eSeminar on the same subject —


  • Wednesday April 1, 8:00 am — The Future of Voice Messaging (I had to give a plug for the subject where I cut my teeth in this industry)
  • Wednesday, April 1, 8:00 am — Communications-Enabled Apps in Action (this includes presentations from Suntrust Banks, Orlando Health, and Abilene Christian University)
  • Wednesday April 1, 2:30 pm — Hardphones, Softphones, and Next-Gen Systems
  • Thursday April 2, 9:00 am — Cloud Computing’s Role in Enterprise Communications
Overall, the conference looks like it’s packed with a bunch of great content. It will be interesting to see if the traffic at the event (which was VERY strong last year) holds its own. And lastly, if you’re headed to the sunny south, I hope you’ll stop by and see us at booth 1123. Who knows what great giveaway we’ve got planned!