WFM Once and Done…Not Quite.

Workforce Management (WFM) is a process and practice that must be maintained over time.  There are naturally software solutions like ours that help facilitate the process and when implemented correctly, they can return the favor in various ways (i.e. lower costs, higher or more consistent service levels, etc.) but that’s not enough.  In order to ensure that the processes around WFM continue to deliver benefits, you have to make sure they are maintained over time.

One of the most common problems in contact center WFM programs isn’t that they don’t have or haven’t ever had processes that support them but rather that they did and stopped following them. How does that happen?  It’s surprisingly easy.  Something as simple as WFM or contact center leadership team attrition can quickly change the game on which processes are supported and which ones are not.

Contact center assessments are one method of insuring those critical processes stay in place.  Essentially, having a check-up on a regular basis to find out who’s using the correct processes and who’s not.  These can range from very complex (every leader/analyst takes a test or recurrent training) to very simple (spot checking items that are processed, asking for feedback from individual people) and everything in between.

Assessments can be performed internally or by a vendor.  Various contact center consulting and servicing organizations (including ours) offer assessments as part of their list of services.  Whether or not to have the assessment done by and internal or external person can be a tough choice and the best answer is that it depends on your individual organization.  Having someone internal do the assessment might be cheaper but it can also lead to bad results if the person doing the assessment doesn’t use the correct process themselves.  Contact center assessments also require an unbiased approach which can be a challenge to accomplish internally in some organizations.  It can also be uncomfortable but not unmanageable to assess your peers.  Having been on a team of people that did assessments in a past life, I can tell you there is nothing quite as disheartening as the look of happiness draining out of someone’s face when you show up at their contact center/desk to do one.  Having a vendor facilitate the assessment isn’t free but it ensures a true unbiased review, third-party feedback and eliminates any internal issues with peer assessments.

Whichever route you choose, just ensure that you have some method of assessment in your contact center to ensure all of your hard work establishing WFM processes doesn’t go to waste.  I’d love to hear from some of you on this.  How many of you have done or received an assessment?  How many of you have never done one?

Troy Plott