What Does the Future Hold for Your Contact Center


With so many new year predictions for 2017, I’m reminded that I wrote how The Jetson’s—a 1960’s prime-time cartoon—correctly predicted several future innovations including personal computer assistants, video calls, and more. Granted, it took several decades for these ideas to come to fruition. But for today’s contact center pros, we don’t have that kind of time. Tomorrow’s innovations are staring us right in the face and shifting the way we work—for the better.

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

In reviewing your 2017 budget, think about nascent innovations that are set to explode—things like chatbots and the IoT. Preparing for them today will make your future that much brighter. And according to IDC, “Preparing for the future could be your most important task, today.”

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Ron Stevenson

Ron Stevenson

Ron Stevenson has been in the software industry for over 20 years building and marketing products for cloud, mobile, social, ecommerce and database management. Serving in various roles within both startup ventures and large enterprises such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft Corporation, Ron has led product management, business development, competitive strategy, and software development teams. At Genesys, Ron serves as Sr. Manager of Product Marketing, focusing on cloud solutions and enterprise customer engagement.