What Would George Jetson Think of Cloud Contact Centers?

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Way back in 1962, a visionary TV program lit up the airwaves with its colorful, optimistic view of technology and the future. Of course, I’m talking about The Jetsons, with all the wondrous inventions that defined modern life in 2062. I’m also happy to point out that a lot of the “gee-whiz” technology that made The Jetsons so fun to watch has actually come to fruition today.

Sure, our cars don’t fly—yet. But we do have robot vacuums, personal computer assistants, and video calls. And they’re an integral and ubiquitous part of modern life. You could even argue that the show predicted the prominence of the cloud as a “platform.” After all, George and his family did live in the Skypad apartments—among the clouds. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not!

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Ron Stevenson

Ron Stevenson

Ron Stevenson has been in the software industry for over 20 years building and marketing products for cloud, mobile, social, ecommerce and database management. Serving in various roles within both startup ventures and large enterprises such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft Corporation, Ron has led product management, business development, competitive strategy, and software development teams. At Genesys, Ron serves as Sr. Manager of Product Marketing, focusing on cloud solutions and enterprise customer engagement.