What’s in a Phone?

Vendors continue to push business telephones that range anywhere from $150-$650 USD. Is the status symbol of a multi-button phone still important? Is the man or woman with the biggest phone, the senior ranking employee?
Rewind to 1985– the then A&T (and all its competitors) started coming out with bigger, better, brighter (read more expensive) phones. And people bought them. Why? Simple. They delivered additional functionality that was unavailable elsewhere. This buying pattern was true in the contact center and for traditional business users.
Okay, back in the time capsule — fast forward to January 2009. All of that desktop phone functionality is now available on a beautiful twenty inch computer monitor sitting on the user’s desktop. That, plus fifty other intuitive features that a phone only dreams of having. And get this, the best part…all that functionality costs less than what you pay for the high-end telephone.
So is it time to start ensuring that the full range of communications functionality is available to users through applications at the desktop; then go source a quality, inexpensive phone to do what the phone was first designed to do — provide a reliable voice path? Interactive Intelligence thinks so. Seems like that approach delivers the best of both worlds — increased functionality for the user and decreased costs for the business.