“Where can you get good help these days?”

That’s a common complaint when someone’s trying to hire people to do a job that shouldn’t be too hard, but it ends up in a mess. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get great help, guidance and training when learning to use Interactive Intelligence products. That is the mission of the Education and Product Adoption team at Interactive; to “Empower customers by providing iconic, innovative and accessible training and product adoption resources.”

What’s the most helpful thing you can have when you are learning to use a new product or feature? Most would say having a clear and intuitive user interface would be the best thing to have. But learning to use even the best interface with great product design requires some additional help. Perhaps you need background conceptual information and videos to see the big picture or understand how it works. Or maybe you need context-sensitive just-in-time guidance or steps to complete a task. Sometimes you need immediate access to reference material to configure and use the product as you wish. Maybe you need comprehensive training in order to support your co-workers or customers who are learning to use the product. Having easy access to the information and training you need when and where you need it is the ideal solution to helping anyone learn to master a new product.

At the INTERACTIONS 2016, the Education and Product Adoption team plans to show off in our session called “HELP! …” on Wednesday, June 8. We’ll show you how we are providing easy access to information, in-product guidance and onboarding, training videos, classes, and other content that helps customers quickly and easily adopt Interactive products. You can get a glimpse at help.inin.com, but there’s so much more that we can’t wait to show you. Hope to see you there!

You can register for the event, here.

Kevin Kuhns

Kevin Kuhns

Kevin Kuhns is a Development Group Manager for documentation at Interactive Intelligence. He has been with Interactive since 1996, working with documentation and product releases in one role or another.