Why Cheerful Customer Experience Drives Brand Loyalty


How many sale or loyalty program offers do you typically receive during the holiday season? I am going to assume quite a few. So, taking a step back, what makes a loyal customer? Is it the product, brand, or service that you’ll always choose no matter what? Or, is it quite simply that you’re loyal because you like the service—it’s local, consistent, knowledgeable, or easy?

Creating customer loyalty isn’t an easy task. Americans (especially millennials) can be either a fickle “scrooge” consumer or a loyal bunch of “reindeer.” As a consumer, you’re  familiar with the holiday frenzy of countless emails, texts, or mail offers from your previous service provider, asking you to switch your service back to them by year-end for an outrageous percentage off, which often tests every consumer’s loyalty backbone.

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Michael Asebrook

Michael Asebrook

As a Product Marketing Director at Genesys, Mike works on the solutions marketing team with a specific focus on Genesys Premier Edition. Before Genesys, Mike had leadership roles in both Product Marketing and Product Management at SeaChange International and Cisco Systems, managing products that were primarily cloud-based video back office platforms. Mike has a BA and MBA from the University of Massachusetts and has held several technical roles supporting the Broadcast, Cable and Telco industries.