Workgroup Mania! When is Enough, Enough?

Some customers coming through my training classes struggle with finding the “right” number of workgroups for their organization. With our Customer Interaction Center, workgroups are the primary organizational component. Interactions are typically routed to workgroups. When you are looking for a co-worker’s phone number, you see it sorted by the workgroup they are in.

Is your company going “workgroup crazy” and creating more than needed? Maybe even creating more groups than can be easily maintained?

Here are some questions to ask when determining if a workgroup is really needed or not.

  • Do you need to route interactions to a specific group of users? – Don’t forget to consider using skills instead.
  • Do you want supervisors and/or managers to be able to see real-time views of only their agents?
  • Do you want to use out-of-the-box reports for statistics like service level and abandonment rates?
  • Do you want to see directory views of user groups other than just the entire company directory?
  • Do you need to limit what users can see (e.g. real-time statistical views or directory views)?

Some companies go overboard and create workgroups unnecessarily. The following considerations do not always need to result in a new workgroup.

  • You have a group of people who are only part of the main company workgroup.
  • You are not doing any reporting, but take calls.
  • You need to track personal and queued interactions separately.
  • You need to record queued interactions but not personal interactions.

These are just a few points to help you decide whether you really need to click on that button to create a new workgroup.

Thanks for reading!

~Shanti Lall

Shanti Lall

Shanti Lall

I came to Interactive Intelligence in 2010 as an operational trainer for the Education department. For about a decade before that, I worked in a contact center, where I started out as a line-level agent taking customer service calls. I worked my way up to team lead, supervisor, and finally, project manager. I was doing quality management with a circa 1982 tape deck in a spare office with a speaker phone and workforce management in an Excel spreadsheet with about 5 billion lines of formula. Eventually we upgraded and brought in Interactive Intelligence. When I’m not training people who can relate to my former life, I’m traveling with my family.