Your Customers Are Talking, But Are You Listening?

Each morning, I visit a few of my favorite business sites online to see what’s taking shape in the world. While going through my rounds the other day, I came across an article about the impact of bad customer service and how it can end up costing you in the long-run. Novel concept I know!

The article focused on a large media company and how years of bad service has cost the company many of its subscribers. Today, the company is undergoing a $50 million ad campaign in an attempt win back old customers and gain new ones, while trying to overcome its negative reputation. The main reason for its loss of subscribers and revenue is that it did not have a Voice of the Customer (VOC) plan in place. As a result, the company’s customer service model was not in alignment with customer expectations.

If you are working on a VOC plan of your own, here are five items to add to your checklist to make sure you don’t end up spending millions trying to win back old customers:

  • Develop a customer service program that has the buy-in from the entire enterprise
  • Engage employees and customers to collect feedback
  • Integrate social media monitoring into your existing service strategy
  • Establish a process to address customer issues – be proactive, not reactive
  • Use an automated post-call survey tool as part of a closed‐loop feedback process to listen to the voice of the customer and respond quickly

As you begin to kick-start your VOC program or are looking for ways to improve your existing customer strategy, I recommend reading the following whitepaper Improving Your Customer Strategy with Workforce Optimization for additional tips and best practices.

Regardless of how good your product is, the success of your business begins and ends with its ability to provide quality service. And with increasing competition, it is imperative that you have a  solution that is capable of tracking the entire customer interaction, and is able to integrate your findings with your contact center metrics. The feedback captured will undoubtedly help you better understand your customers’ concerns – and address them.

Has your company implemented a VOC strategy? I’d like to hear about it.

Thanks for listening and best of luck!

Brandon Rowe